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One Week Friends (2022)


In the repeat class of Shenghua High School, a new transfer student Lin Xiang Zhi came. She is quiet and smart but always lonely. She does not make friends with other students. However, in this way, she attracted the attention of Xu You Shu, the scum of the class, Song Xiao Nan, and Gao Leng Xueba Jiang Wu. In the process of Xu You Shu constantly wanting to be friends with Lin Xiang Zhi, he discovered the secret of Lin Xiang Zhi. It turned out that she suffered from a special disease. Her memory of her friend was only seven days. In order to help this lonely girl, Xu You Shu is more active, and four people form a “doomsday survival” team to constantly create surprises and memories that belong to them. As everyone knows, there is a sadder secret behind Lin Xiang Zhi’s disease.

También conocido como: Yi Zhou De Peng You


Estado: Ongoing

Release Year:

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